The hurdles to blockchain adoption in the real world transcends those of scalability and low fees,it’s often the single negligible reason of user experience.
If you are conversant with this whole blockchain thing,you are almost a genius,NEAR PROTOCOL changes all that.

The NEAR blockchain is a third generation that simplifies web3 experience,built by a stellar team,it does


It brought enormous innovation with content creation and consumption and also user connectivity.

The problems of web2.0

Data privacy: Hackers love your data and web2 is juicy for them

Monopoly: The web is centralized,few companies control every aspect of it.

Peanuts …

Axie infinity,Sandbox, Decentraland,Enjin and many others are pushing the boundaries of gaming and game developments,thanks to blockchain.

Today,we will explore how OPGAMES is changing gaming through the use of NFTs and DAOs.

A brief about NFTs

Fungible token standards most commonly ERC-20 are those whose units are fractional and easily swapped for others,by fungible we mean it’s exchangable,however there is a new class of token standard called NFTs,they represent ownership of a piece of art,content(written,audio,visual) ,work, copyright,Intellectual property etc.

A brief about DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs) are organizations or structures that are -

Decentralized : The enlistment,operations and governance of such organization is in the hands of anyone…

MetaPool is exceptional in its design,the staking industry will set to explode as more and more blockchain networks shift from Proof of Work systems to Proof of stake that is more energy and computationally efficient and climate friendly.

The next question on many people’s mind is can we get more from our staked assets,yes you can get more thanks to liquid staking.

Enter Meta Pool

Meta Pool is doing to $NEAR what LIDO is doing with $ETH. Meta Pool allows you to stake $NEAR tokens with no lockups

$NEAR offers everyone the opportunity to either be a validator or a delegator, contribute to…

Meta Pool is doing to $NEAR what LIDO is doing with $ETH. Meta Pool allows you to stake $NEAR tokens with no lockups

$NEAR offers everyone the opportunity to either be a validator or a delegator, contribute to network security and earn rewards through staking. Meta Pool allows NEAR token holders to stake and earn rewards, providing an easy way to unstake with no lockup.

It does not put all your staked $NEAR into just one validator,rather it spreads it among many high performant and low fee validators in order that you might get the best rewards while at the…

A short guide to using Lyra Finance

Lyra is an automated market maker for trading options,built on layer 2 Optimism,it inherently secure and offer cheap fees.

It’s AMM for trading options,they hope to basically provide the best prices on chain by being the first protocol to actively measure and then manage risk between traders and LPs

Lets explain options and AMM

Options are rights(not an obligation ) to buy(CALL) or sell(PUT) a stock representation.

AMMs hold the logic for determining the price and manner you exchange with the protocol.

2 core components of AMMs

Traders : the trader um obviously wants to buy or sell the product that’s being offered…

The overaching goal of Mintbase is to the “Shopify of NFTs”,a place where anyone can easily create a store and sell from.

For too long have the middlemen ripped artists and content creators,NFT is changing the narrative. In desperation many artists have sold their creatures to art galleries for the penny and these art galleries have sold such arts for fortune,no more will this theft continue.

An artist can now enjoy the full and maximum profits of their creations,they may choose what their what they sell,how many copies and even have licensing and royalty rights.

Many contents that took a…

Just few days ago,internet users around the globe could not access most popular websites out there as they experienced an outage,lots of crypto websites were also affected. The centralization of critical compute infrasctructure is a failure and cudos is seeking to provide a decentralized alternative.

I was fascinated when I stumbled across the proof of humanity platform,for once I felt some relief as I have often grappled with how to approach the complex world of decentralized finance and web3.

“Decentralization” is a parlance that is often through around carelessly by many, some misunderstand it as a system that supports anyone from anywhere.

When Uniswap,1inch etc did their airdrops,there were individuals that received multiple airdrops because they at different point in time had interacted with such dapps through multiple wallets.

What is Proof of Humanity?

It’s a registry of humans on the Ethereum blockchain,it’s powered in collaboration with the team at…

Hacks are synonymous with crypto fire is with smoke,this foe has wrapped it head around crypto and everyday many are crying foul.

The Mtgox hack was a defining moment for crypto,it almost sent it into extinction,it has not stopped since then,let example some common place hacks in crypto:

1. Exchange hacks : these are hacks at the exchange level,the likes of cryptopia and other exchange have been forced to shutdown after hacks

2. Wallet hacks :this is at the personal level,youtubers and non youtubers in the space at one point on the other,the likes of Ian Balina, Oman Crypto etc…


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