It’s a the culmination of negative experiences that prompt us to toll this path.

Subsocial is a technology for taking back control of our social network,for too long have we allowed very “few” centralized entities to take charge of our life,data and speech,Subsocial gives us the tools to create and…

The hurdles to blockchain adoption in the real world transcends those of scalability and low fees,it’s often the single negligible reason of user experience.
If you are conversant with this whole blockchain thing,you are almost a genius,NEAR PROTOCOL changes all that.

The NEAR blockchain is a third generation that simplifies…

Axie infinity,Sandbox, Decentraland,Enjin and many others are pushing the boundaries of gaming and game developments,thanks to blockchain.

Today,we will explore how OPGAMES is changing gaming through the use of NFTs and DAOs.

A brief about NFTs

Fungible token standards most commonly ERC-20 are those whose units are fractional and easily swapped for others,by fungible…

A short guide to using Lyra Finance

Lyra is an automated market maker for trading options,built on layer 2 Optimism,it inherently secure and offer cheap fees.

It’s AMM for trading options,they hope to basically provide the best prices on chain by being the first protocol to actively measure and then…

The overaching goal of Mintbase is to the “Shopify of NFTs”,a place where anyone can easily create a store and sell from.

For too long have the middlemen ripped artists and content creators,NFT is changing the narrative. In desperation many artists have sold their creatures to art galleries for the…


Blockchain youtuber and informant

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