A short guide to understanding Proof of Humanity

What is Proof of Humanity?

Current consequences of the identity problem

But why should we keep a registry?

  • All proposals have deadlines at which votes may be valid,all votes after such period are invalid.
  • To be a registered member in the PoH registry takes time : it’s not an instantaneous process like conventional accounts creation in Ethereum and other blockchains,you need to be vouched by someone else and after that it will be supported to the decision of the kleros court,all these processes take time.
  • Restrictions : A DAO may impose rules that prohibit accounts less that are less than X time old to vote,this will prevent vote influencing in a mighty way.
  • Still bent on influencing the vote : Alice may convince already registered identities to vote in a certain direction but he is limited to how many identities he can convince,this is unlike when he and others can create multiple accounts and vote from.

Other use cases for Proof of Humanity

Some proposals on how to make the $UBI token more valuable

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Blockchain youtuber and informant Twitter(@cryptokey101)

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Blockchain youtuber and informant Twitter(@cryptokey101)

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