A very short guide to OIN FINANCE

In a very basic explanation,OIN FINANCE is doing what MakerDAO is doing with Ethereum and stablecoins but in this case,one can turn any token into a stablecoin

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There are two products on OIN Finance


1. OIN DAO : it’s a platform for issuing staking derivatives and stablecoins.

2. OIN Swaps : A dex to trade those stablecoins and other assets


The recent partnership with NEAR will bring the following

1. NEAR as collateral : Users will be able to lock NEAR and issue a stablecoin backed with NEAR.

2. Other altcoins in the NEAR ecosystem can be used as a collateral as well to issue stablecoins

3. Scarcity : The more $NEAR are locked away,the less $NEAR in circulation and that is good for the price

4. Hedge against volatility : Token holders will now be able to hedge against volatility

5. Basket Yield farming : Earn up to 20 different tokens in yield farming for staking $NEAR tokens

OINDAO use cases

Swapping : Tokens may be swapped for different purposes

Adding leverage : Get more from your tokens

Hedging : Hedge against volatility

Lending : Earn interests on your assets

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