May 5, 2018

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Video of the Bit Game alliance

The BIT GAME team together with ACHAIN, MATRIX AI NETWORK, ELASTOS, TRUSTNOTE and many others are partnering to build infrastructures that will change the creation,consumption and exchange of digital games

While games have been pivotal to the growth of the internet alongside video,the manner of games consumption today is flawed.Games are very important to the internet as to the blockchain,one way to bring blockchain to mass adoption is through gaming

Some problems facing blockchain games

Currently tokens off blockchain games are grappling with small community size,single audience,high listing fees and liquidity issues with various exchanges

The issue of inadequate professional personnel and technical support is having an inhibiting effect of content and community.

For there to be rapid adoption of blockchain games,it has to be developed across mobile,PC and the web,it should be accessed by anyone irrespective of what platform they use,this is far from today’s current blockchain games

Also it should be access to multiple blockchains as this will spur up the increase in content and community


Bit Game wants to be the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games and vertical fields and also an exchange that grows with users.

It will allocate 30% of the total Bit Game coins to build a PoC(proof of contribution) mining pool for game players and exchanges

It also introduces “playing as mining”

Bit Game alliance

With strategic partnerships with many top blockchains and many to come,Bit Game is here to change the way we create and consume games

Also BIT.GAME sets a BGX investment fund for investing blockchain games in connection with BIT.GAME Exchange for transaction,this will continuously add value for BGX. it will raise and allocate funds in stages of development via voting,as this will lead to more accountability with resources and the community will have some power in deciding what should be financed

It will develop a Lite wallet that will be integrated into games to help in managing all types of game tokens

Through the partnership with Matrix AI Network,it will develop the next decentralized exchange(AIDEX) based on blockchain and artificial intelligence,the exchange will be able to process million-level concurrent transactions,support cross-chain transactions and do transaction matching via artificial intelligence

GBGU — — BIT.GAME and GMGC banded with many public blockchains, blockchain investment funds and senior game companies to launch Global Blockchain Game Union(GBGU), to promote the development of Blockchain Game jointly.


Eric Sun Founder & CEO : Former CEO of Plamjoy. Worked at Perfect World, French Telecom. Expert in blockchain and Consultant of Bitcoin IFO. MS of THU, SS

Qing Zhang Co-Founder Former Manager of Huobi. Worked as VP 3 years in BSB bank. Rich experience in internal control and auditing. MS of USW

Sean He Co-Founder : Successful entrepreneurship. 15 years senior management experience in communication and media companies. EMBA of CEIBS, MS of PKU


BIT GAME project advisors

From the Founders of Elastos,to Matrix AI network CEO and chief scientist to the CEO of TrustNote and many more,the future of blockchain gaming is here


In order to fund this project, 40% of the total tokens(10 billion tokens) at $0.01 will be sold during the ICO,this fund will be used by BIT GAME for the development of the BIT GAME platform

The Presale is already finished and the ICO starts 8th of May 2018,whitelist is currently on

MORE DETAILS about the ICO and the project can be found on BIT GAME website

Why we need Games for rapid blockchain adoption

At every place you look,there is the 100% possibility that someone is on the phone,the phone is one device that like the eyes of a person,goes everywhere the person goes

One reason why the internet exploded was because the device to access it where no longer limited to size,they were mobile,so if blockchain games are developed for the mobile world,the utility of blockchain is set to explode

There is nothing that drives people like incentives,when actions of people be it inviting friends,doing this or that are incentivized the adoption of such product is likely to be rapid

You are calling for trouble if you withhold the phone from a young person today,the millennials are the future,they are the ones that use the phone and play games the most. From games that incentivize people to learn to the ones that entertain,You can learn programming by playing games just like some youths say they learnt english by watching movies Also, you can earn while playing games

The Evolution of Gaming so far

The history of games date back to the ancient past,it’s part of culture,entertainment and daily lives,humans at different dispensation have figured how to communicate,live,entertain themselves and live from day to day,let’s run through an overview of the evolution of gaming so far

The medieval times : Games were part of the culture and entertainment,there was little to no monetary value involved as it were part of their culture

The subscription model age :With the evolution in money,PC and mobile computing and the internet many companies have seen the need to develop games for a larger audience and monetize it

The “free stuffs “ age : many platforms began developing “free” games for users to enjoy and collect their data in exchange for advertising. With many breaches in consumer data,malware and maladvertising and many more,consumers and the EU GDPR rules taking effect from May 2018,this model is no longer feasible

The games of Value : win-win situations

Blockchain is rebuilding the way we run our daily lives,from a decentralized economy to decentralized governance, the new era of gaming will be a win-win scenario,consumers and creators will all benefit

BIT GAME is of such platforms to change the gaming industry

BIT GAME website :

Bit Game Telegram group

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