CASHAA : building solutions for the unbanked

The world we live in is rapidly changing,the emergence of digital computers and the internet affected nearly every industry on earth,the Post office is nearly at extinction today,typewriters are long forgotten today,the Televisions and radio networks are dying,print media is fast fading out,movie theaters are experiencing a decline in attendance as Netflix is surging, the hospitality and transport industry are been disrupted with the emergence of AirBnB and Uber,the publishing of books,music,videos took a whole new turn,libraries are on their way out as Wikipedia and google search is taking over, whole financial trading house are been converted to Museums as Trading as gone to the internet, Youtube,facebook,twitter and other social networks have made nearly everyone a journalist today, Udemy,Edx,Udacity, Skillshare and many platforms are changing the way we acquire education

Can’t the banking system of today be disrupted just like every other industry?,is it not possible for person A to transact with person B without a third party?,Many brilliant minds have sought solutions to these questions without success not until 2009 when Bitcoin showed up on the scene,ever since then it has proven that the days of today’s banks are numbered.

Bitcoin proved that we can have a banking system that is decentralized (without middlemen), a currency that cannot be devalued with the minting of new ones and that banking can be without borders just like anyone can communicate with a fellow far away from them

What are some problems with today’s banking system

— — High cost of onboarding new customers

— — Customers data are not freely shared among banking institutions

— — Credit problem

— — high transaction fees

— — Lower interest on accounts

— — High interest on loans

— — High remittance fees that normally take long days

With smartphones in the hands of nearly every single person on earth,the internet and cryptocurrencies,you can be your own bank

Currently apart from Bitcoin there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies today but many of them have no real product,Cashaa sets itself apart from other platforms as it has already working products,a large customer base,a presence in many countries and a strong team. Cashaa is ranked among Top 100 blockchain companies and also awarded Technology Provider of the year of 2018

Some products of Cashaa

2. Cashaa cards

3. Micro Lending

4. Peer to peer exchange

Unlike,Cashaa will offer multiple cryptoassets

5. Peer to Peer Insurance


Others include Celestine Vettical : Co-Founder, Dominic Melo : Cheif Payment officer and lots more


Other includes :John Henry Clippinger,Akash Gaurav, Anil Earla , Alex Norta



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