Apr 16, 2021

4 min read

Come, build and earn with $NEAR

The NEAR blockchain ecosystem is relatively young when compared to other blockchains and to build it into a point of mass adoption,it will require your contributions,yes I mean YOU.

Moderation: Crypto is no more a joke,more and more people are flooding into crypto and at such when one is seeking to build a solution in this space,they must address how they which to interface with their community. The most common is using tools like Discord and Telegram,hmm but how do you relate with people from all over the globe.

The answer is you need moderators

Development: Crypto is tech and development intensive,a need people to create various parts like wallets,browser extensions,apps,websites etc

Creative design: You need to market your product in a fun and creative way like using memes,infographics,comics,animations etc.

Content: A very crypto still suffers is that of quality content around a topic or project,it’s time consuming to digest so much information about a project and relate such in writings and videos. Kudos to those who are helping with this.

Translation: Crypto is worldwide,content,creative designs,your whitepaper,website and products must be offered in multiple languages and to help with that you need translators.

Transcription: So you just did a meetup or interview,you need someone to transcribe it into writing and turn such into an article which may also be translated into different languages to serve multiple audience.

Social media : Only the unwise ignore social media,could you imagine that Brian Armstrong of Coinbase met his co-founder on reddit,Coinbase is close to $100 billion in valuation,the rest is history.

A project may have the best solutions but if it has poor or bad social media reach,it chances are greatly hindered.

Every project needs social media : YouTube,Twitter,Reddit,Linkedln etc.

Events and meetups : Off course,you need an online and offline army of envangelists that chant your project everywhere.

Testers : Developers building out a solution can easily get testers in house to test their apps for errors and feedback before releasing to the public.

Anyone, Anywhere that can do any of the following mentioned above and that is interested in this adventure into glory.

Income : Those who contribute their skills are greatly rewarded for their effort in $NEAR tokens.

Networking : Who knows if you be the next Brian Armstrong that may meet your co-founder that may build the next big thing in crypto.

The benefit of working in such an environment is that you get to meet and network with different people.

Ecosystem growth : Of course,we love and hold the precious $NEAR tokens but the value will only increase as more and more solutions are built and utilized on it.

Crypto today is competitive,it’s a sad truth that no ones wants to hear.

It’s not those who create the best solutions that may necessarily win,tech is a key difference but those who first get their solutions to people.

The Open Web Sandbox can be best described as a hub that connects service providers and those who need such service.

Acts and Series : An act is a solo effort while series is a collaborative effort.

Writing content in English may be considered as an act but you or someone translating the same article to other languages we make such tasks a series.

Project: A team building on NEAR can post their needs by specify what they need to be done, a contact person(to reach for further information) and other details

Contributors: Anyone with specific skillset,they introduce themselves in the #ContributorProfile section on Discord.

Spotlight: An activity with specific time frame and special bonus that NEAR wants implemented.

They could be acts or series that NEAR wants contributors to give extra attention and effort.

Time based bonuses : Every act and series have rewards but at the end of the month,you get a specific bonus for consistently contributing to the sandbox.

Will you join today?

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