Don’t have a NEAR wallet,let’s create one

Dear user,thank you for stopping by. Today,we shall go through how to set up a NEAR wallet

What is NEAR wallet?

It’s the conduit that connects you to the NEAR blockchain and the various assets and data built on it.

How may I create one

  1. Click on this link , you will find an interface like this.

Unlike other blockchains network that require you to download a browser extension,NEAR does not. With this,you can access the network,even from a mobile phone.

2. Click on “Create Account

Choose an account ID of your choice, what an account can contain is is colored in green and red signifies what an account cannot contain.

3. Click “Agree & Continue

4. Choose your “Security Method”

Unlike the conventional approach towards account creation that leaves the user with no choice but to go the “12 seed Recovery Phrase “ route,NEAR has different approach.

The goal of NEAR is to make web3 experience almost same as web2.

A user can simply go with the “Less Secure” options,experiment with NEAR and apps on it and when they feel “okay,there is something serious here and we need “serious security”,they will upgrade to the “Most Secure(Recommended)” option.

We will choose the “Recovery Phrase” option

5. Write down the security phrase

The seed phrase above does not belong to any account,it was created for this tutorial,nothing much

6. Verify and complete

7. Initialize your account

One thing to note is that each NEAR account itself is a smart contract and it cannot be functional until it is deploy the underlying blockchain,in the case of NEAR,we refer to it as “Initialize”

Another thing to note is that you must not close the tab until you are done with everything else you will lose access to that wallet.

Also,an account is not yet yours until you initialize it.

It’s also to be noted that the one-time address provided,should not be taken as one’s address and given to others as a means to receive NEAR.

The amount that you sent to initialize your account is yours once the account is initialized and activated

You may buy NEAR from any of these exchanges

8. Your wallet is ready

Security tips

1. Access the NEAR wallet from Coingecko

Do that by searching for “NEAR” in the search bar

Click on the Website as pointed by the arrow

On the NEAR website,click on “Wallet

2. Bookmark the NEAR wallet website

It’s commonly reported of users that lost huge sums after they were hacked because they ignorantly logged in or used malicious sites to access their accounts.

To be on the safer side bookmark the NEAR wallet website,this will also help you avoiding repeating step 1.

3. Confidentiality

To prevent the occurences of $5 wrench attacks and other unpleasant experiences,one will do themselves a great favour,if they shut their lips about what they own.

4. Keep safely and backup

I once read the story of someone who wrote their seedphrase on a piece of paper,one day the mother came into his room to do some routine cleaning and found a paper on the floor,she swept it and ignorantly took it away and depose in the trash bin,he lost everything.

It’s advisable that one backup their seedphrases in many copies securely kept in different places.

5. You might add Two -factor authentication as an extra layer of security to your wallet

No more alphanumeric hexadecimal wallet addresses, with NEAR the future of web3 is bliss.

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