How to contribute and earn with NEARWEEK DAO

As the NEAR Protocol ecosystem gets more interest from the blockchain community,it becomes overwhelming to keep tabs with all the things happening in the ecosystem

P3ter started Nearweek as a hobby to keep tracks of all the events around Near protocol but today the project has become a DAO where anyone can contribute to and earn some tokens for their effort.

A place where anyone can be rewarded for their contribution be it collecting,curating or distributing news around the NEAR ecosystem.

The whole project has evolved from one man to a crowdsourced process and there are different roles

1. Sponsor : Funds obtained by the DAO goes into the weekly NEARWEEK rewards pool.

2. Contributors : They source for and submit links to a info via a Sputnik proposal

3. Curators : They review and check these links for authenticity and also ensure that no one else have submitted them before.

4. Editors : They take up from the curators stop,they set up the newsletter,website and publish them.

5. Distributors : They are rewarded for even sharing the news on social media like twitter

The NEARWEEK DAO believes in sharing revenue with all stakeholders and contributors.

50% contributor

25% editors

25% distributors.

Before you submit any link to the DAO,you must make sure that it is a fresh one,I mean something that just happened or is within the week.

You will get 0.5 $NEAR for every news link contribution to NEARWEEK.

Before,you start any of these steps,please make sure you have a NEAR WALLET,if you do not have one,you can simply create one by following this guide



3. Click on “PAYOUT

4. Fill your NEAR wallet address in the “Enter receiver account” box

Enter the link to the news you are submitting in the “Enter description” box

Fill “0.5” in the “Enter amount” box,this is the reward you will get after your submission is approved.

Also note that,you are mandated to bond 1 $NEAR to your submission,this is done to ensure that people are not spamming the process or even submitting fake or none related links,this 1 $NEAR bond is returned back to your wallet in the case of a successful submission.

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