Aug 23, 2021

3 min read

How to use Meta Pool to stake $NEAR, provide LP and earn $META

Meta Pool is doing to $NEAR what LIDO is doing with $ETH. Meta Pool allows you to stake $NEAR tokens with no lockups

$NEAR offers everyone the opportunity to either be a validator or a delegator, contribute to network security and earn rewards through staking. Meta Pool allows NEAR token holders to stake and earn rewards, providing an easy way to unstake with no lockup.

It does not put all your staked $NEAR into just one validator,rather it spreads it among many high performant and low fee validators in order that you might get the best rewards while at the same time ensuring the network is decentralized and censorship resistant.

Log in to Meta Pool, by clicking on “Start staking NEAR”

Choose your preferred wallet of choice, for this example,we will use NEAR native wallet.

Allow the app access to your NEAR wallet

Choose an amount that you wish to stake

Note,the minimum you are allowed to stake is 10 $NEAR

You will see this if the transaction was successful

You can find your portfolio details

You may unstake your $stNEAR immediately through the “Unstake” button

You can add or remove liquidity,since $stNEAR is liquid,it will require $NEAR to be added to the liquidity pool.

This $NEAR is what is made available in equivalent amount to those who unstake through the “Unstake” button

You can only amount 20 $NEAR or more,not less.

By adding liquidity,you get $META as rewards as well as a portion of the fees.

“Delayed Unstake” is activated when you decide to unstake your NEAR tokens alongside the staking rewards while for “Unstake”, you are actually the swapping your $stNEAR for $NEAR,this is made possible through the liquidity pool

The difference between “unstake” and “delayed unstake” is the time it takes for users to get their staked $NEAR.

Click “confirm”

Thanks for making to this stage thus far, Happy Staking with Meta Pool

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