Apr 29, 2018

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ICONIQLABS incubator and accelerator to save ICO market

Some of ICONIQ LABS milestone

Feb 19th : Taas contributes 115.48 ETH to iconiq labs

In September, 2017, TaaS and Iconiq Lab signed a strategic partnership to identify promising projects and create the infrastructure to match ICOs and investors. Additionally, the TaaS team took an active role on the advisory board of Iconiq Lab.

Iconiq lab and Ventureon announce a strategic partnership

Iconiq Lab joins 16 firms to launch Project Transparency :

ICO Accelerator Iconiq Lab Announces Partnership With Liquet Associates

Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer (ICO) and token-sale accelerator program, today announces its partnership with Liquet Associates, a law firm with a competence spectrum covering financial market regulation, corporate law, private equity, venture capital and start-up consulting.

They launched a challenge on what is the craziest thing you can tokenize

The future of ICO is accountability and third party

Imagine that on a daily basis you give account of how you are spending each minute and each dollar,how will you live, many ICO projects have zero accountability and without accountability humans are poised to fail,how much more projects

Many projects like acts as a escrow party in ICO sales but ICONIQ LABS is iconic in that it is an accelerator and incubator,it offers the investors the opportunity to invest in projects that have been refined just like gold

The savedroid incident

Savedroid stunt

Savedroid on April 18th 2018 pulled a prank at investors by playing they have gone, 24hrs later the CEO came up to explain the loopholes in the current ico space,while many may be unhappy at some unhealthy joke, we must look beyond the joke and see that except solutions like ICONIQ LABS come up many will invest in bad or scam projects,many projects will fail because they have no guidance

Imagine that on a daily basis,you give account of how you are spending each minute

The story behind ICONIQ LABS

“How on earth did Voltaic Coatings not get funding?”was the question everyone asked when he finally became a VC

Patrick Lowry CEO of Iconiq labs recounts the painful memory he had with founding Voltaic Coatings after a fruitless five year search for VC investments

Many investors do not have the liquidity of time or legal capabilities to sought and invest in startups so they do so with Venture capital firms, many have been successful in picking the best also many have been a pain point in the industry

Sometimes those who can labour and become the brightest brains are not given the opportunity, also with early stage startups that could change the world are denied the opportunity

ICO pain points

ICO’s are a way to raise capital,it involves investors contributing financially inorder to get tokens in return in hopes that those tokens will appreciate in value in the future

While traditional companies issue shares or stakes, blockchain projects issue tokens

While VC are still stucked with their problem,many are turning to ICO(initial coin offerings) to raise capital,this method has its pros and cons

But with great opportunities comes great possibilities and responsibilities


— — They are little entrance and exit restrictions for investors

Almost anyone with minimum capital above $100-$500 can invest except they are constrained by jurisdictional laws and also sell their tokens at will anytime

— — They offer a great on ROI

But many have fallen prey to outright scams or shit projects


— — ICO’s are almost like a wild west,there is almost no control of ico product{who can issue ICO,the HOW, WHY etc}

— — The utility token vs securities tokens problem

— — Inability to decipher between substance and shadow on the the path of investors

— — Zero accountability problem

Most projects are accountable to no one and many investors are only interested in flipping their coins immediately it hit the exchange not caring if the purpose of the ICO is achieved or not

— — Media influencers problem : These days many investors rely on youtube influencers to investigate ICO’s for them and give them counsel

Why many are putting on the facade of “I am not a financial adviser”a careful look at their reviews shows that they seek to turn the viewer to an investor

— — The various information outlet

From my research so far,less than 10% of ICO listing websites carry a background check on ICO’s before listing them on their website. So it opens ignorant investors to great harm

Some notable ICO scams

Karbon : they disappeared after raising over $200,000 in late sept 2017

Confido : after raising $375,000

And the most notable of them are projects that run ico with the intention of running a business that pays guaranteed daily returns. Some examples include

Bitconnect, Davorcoin,Usi-tech, Goldreward, Regalcoin etc


A team of VC’s and investment managers will use their use their experience and knowledge to vet various ICO,help them with funds,legal help,marketing,consulting and many more solutions

Holders of the ICONIQ LABS token will be able to participate in the funding of these projects and projects themselves will be armed with more than just money


Patrick Lowry


Venture Capitalist and investor with 8 years of financial industry experience. PwC auditor and startup co-founder/CFO with an MBA, CPA license and a BS in finance and accounting.

Max Lautenschager


Venture developer with 3 years of experience in consulting, company building, FinTech and private equity. BA in controlling, MBA and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

and a host of others

Currently,there are many projects in the pipeline in this incubation process


It will be the lifeblood of the ICONIQ ECOSYSTEM

some strategic partners

Links : ICONIQLABS website, twitter

ICO DETAILS : pegged at 1 ETH= 520 ICNQ the token sale ends on May 30th

ICO’s are not going away and solutions like ICONIQ labs will be the future of ico’s investing