Oct 13, 2019

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MediLives approach to Telemedicine with blockchain

Information technology has impacted almost all industries on earth and medicine is not left out.

The utilization of information technology and telecommunications to provide remote health care is what is known as Telemedicine. The opportunities this approach to healthcare presents are overwhelming.

MediLives is a blockchain platform that is currently raising funds by the Latoken IEO platform to provide the next cutting edge solutions in Telemedicine.

Bello and his family were traveling for summer vacations,the family had long planned and budgeted for this vacation,after driving few kilometers away from their hotel,Jane his wife collapsed to the floor,everyone was confused,this has not happened so they were not prepared for it,no one in their group had the knowledge to resuscitate her,tears flowed as they pleaded with her unconscious body to come back to Life,Emily quickly recalled how he met some colleagues who talked about how a man who had suffered from similar fate was rescued by doctors far away,quickly Emily got on the phone with a doctor far way who gave directions and course of actions to be taken to recover Bello,instructions they obeyed and today Bello is kicking.

Telemedicine has been around for over two decades now but with the proliferation of mobile computing devices and their enormous capabilities,Telemedicine has grown in dimensions beyond comprehension.

From time and cost saving benefits to safeguarding doctors and healthcare providers from contagious diseases and lots more the field of Telemedicine is mind blowing.

Today,lots of companies,individuals and institutions can play key roles in the healthcare process of the masses.


The vision of MediLives was born out of the need to curb the distresses of finding healthcare solutions.

The CEO had a challenge some time ago when he took his lad to see the doctor over an issue,he was constrained to wait for a long time before he could see the doctor,the doctor eventually came and spent less than a minute to ascertain the problem and proffer a solution.

He was left to wonder , what thin line exist between life and death as they await the doctor.

The number of preventable deaths that occur due to such problem are many,healthcare today is still constricted to some confines in some buildings,this ought not to be so.

The aim of MediLives is to create a global healthcare software solution where everyone has the opportunity to diagnose themselves with access to the best healthcare providers regardless of social status,economic position and political views.

The MediLives platform will connect healthcare providers of all sort as well as users and provide a means of collecting and analyzing patients data.

Patients will have their data and be able to provision access to third party entities upon authorization.

The data of patient will be kept private and secure against hackers and thefts.

Pharmaceutical companies and several R & D firms will be able to access health data at the fraction of the cost and save time.

The mission is to develop cutting edge Telemedicine systems equipped with the latest technologies like AI,AR,big data and blockchain to enable people have control of their health,health records and wellbeing by providing access for everyone to medical professionals in the world.

MediLives have developed an analytical Telemedicine system which both patients can leverage to record test and doctors can use diagnose the health condition of the patient based on the test remotely.

The engine helps in the better interpretation of such results and alerts patient on the need for seeing and consulting with a healthcare specialist.

The MediLives solution is on a number of devices(Android,iOS and Windows),it’s designed as a modular system and it can stored data in encrypted formats in the clouds and can function in both online and offline scenarios.

The ecosystem also consists of a number of products like the MediLives care(an app for patients),MediLives system(app for medical professionals),MediLives AR(an augmented reality app) & the MediLives Server(a 24/7 cloud based server responsible for data encryption and harvesting from telemedical devices.

Medi science the company behind MediLives will also enter strategic alliances with a number of organizations globally ranging from universities,telemedical equipment manufacturers,telemedicine providers,doctors without borders, UNICEF,UN and various NGOs with aim of bringing a non stop improvement to the healthcare sector,training and equipping medical personnel.

The MediLives token will enable a variety of functions like healthcare transactions ,discounts for holders of the tokens.

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