Near Protocol : from web2 to web3

The hurdles to blockchain adoption in the real world transcends those of scalability and low fees,it’s often the single negligible reason of user experience.
If you are conversant with this whole blockchain thing,you are almost a genius,NEAR PROTOCOL changes all that.

The NEAR blockchain is a third generation that simplifies web3 experience,built by a stellar team,it does


It brought enormous innovation with content creation and consumption and also user connectivity.

The problems of web2.0

Data privacy: Hackers love your data and web2 is juicy for them

Monopoly: The web is centralized,few companies control every aspect of it.

Peanuts : content and app creators get peanuts for their effort,the middlemen of the Internet take almost everything

Censorship: You can be censored and even throw from the platform when things fall out with the existing platform

Why web3.0

Creators : they now have more control over their creation

Censorship resistance: Web3 is permissionless,you may come in and out as you please,no one can censor you

No middlemen: Get the most of the value of what you create

Goodbye to Hacks : They are impenetrable

What’s near?

NEAR is one of the most advanced blockchain in production,it’s sharded and offers high throughout coupled with extremely cheap fees

It promises usability,scalability and sustainability


The user and developer experience of many blockchains are terrible,NEAR is different

End user

Progressive security : Get a wallet with your email or phone number or use recovery phrases

Simple onboarding : no wallet extensions,

Easy subscription : You may pay gas cost on behalf of users

Familiar usage styles : use near apps like everyday apps

Predictable pricing : The fees are low


Familiar languages : assemblyscript and rust

Robust tooling :

Business models : Get paid part of the fees whenever people use your app

Predictable pricing: users will not desert your app over high fees


5% annual inflation: To reward validators and other network contribution

Contract rewards : Developers get a percent of the fees whenever they apps are used.

Token utility: It used for staking,payment and governance

Stakeholders: They include validators,developers,end users,token holders and the NEAR Foundation

$NEAR growth

Open web sandbox : Get rewarded for building and helping out the ecosystem

Guilds : Join a guild to contribute to NEAR

Grants : Apply for grants

Near academy : A place to teach devs about building on NEAR

Rainbow bridge: Bridge assets to and fro Ethereum and NEAR

Aurora EVM : A layer 2 to alleviate devs of high fees and low tps

Appchains : With octopus network,application specific chains are coming.

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