Axie infinity,Sandbox, Decentraland,Enjin and many others are pushing the boundaries of gaming and game developments,thanks to blockchain.

Today,we will explore how OPGAMES is changing gaming through the use of NFTs and DAOs.

Fungible token standards most commonly ERC-20 are those whose units are fractional and easily swapped for others,by fungible we mean it’s exchangable,however there is a new class of token standard called NFTs,they represent ownership of a piece of art,content(written,audio,visual) ,work, copyright,Intellectual property etc.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs) are organizations or structures that are -

Decentralized : The enlistment,operations and governance of such organization is in the hands of anyone who meets the requirement of such organization, the requirements may range from the ownership of certain amount of tokens etc

Autonomous : Code is law, the changes to the code of a project is autonomous when governance is sorted out,so no one can interfere with it.


With Opgames,anyone may explore,play and buy Game NFTs

1. Game Platform : With the opgames platform,any game lover may easily stumble on HTML5 games, compete with other games in several competitions and as well as buy game NFTs.

2. Protocol : Before now,gaming was entirely in the hands of companies,by using OP protocol,game developers can spearhead sustainable models for their games.

3. Community : Game owners,players and developers make up the Opgames community,they collectively own and shape the games.

How it all works

It takes a community approach in such a way that everyone benefits.

1. Developers : Opgames work hand in hand with game developers in a bid to transition their games into fractionalized NFTs,they can offer it to the OP community.

2. Game owners : These NFTs are then sold to buyers,so in a game that has lets say 100 components, 100 different buyers can buy any component and the game is now been owned by 100 different people.

3. Players : Game lovers can play to earn on different games on the opgames platform.

4. Community : Game owners,players and Developers are all governed by a DAO so that everyone’s interest is taken care of.

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